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Spring Has Sprung

Happy first day of spring, everyone!

This is a piece I did a few weeks ago for The Dragonfly Project. They have an annual celebration and remembrance event happening next month, and I had the honor and pleasure of doing the art for that invite again. A wonderful nonprofit organization that sends sympathy cards to individuals and groups affected by tragedy and loss that sends a message of hope. The card packet comes with a dragonfly key chain and an inspirational story about the transformation of the dragonfly, which translates to our cycle of life and life after death. Check them out if you don't know about them already!

I think I was looking for spring and some hope when doing this piece. This dragonfly started out dark with a blue background and trees containing only a few flowers. By accident, my printer printed it without cyan and so the background came out only yellow. I liked it... a happy mistake, but I was still determined to do it in blue as I imagined. I struggled because it needed more life. I tried the yellow background. It brought me sunshine and warmth, and everything started to flow. I added branches and blooms to create full blossoming trees. I created the trees remembering our time in Korea. We were meeting our Benjamin and bringing him home. The cherry blossoms were still blooming. Lots of hope on that trip.

Enjoy the hope of spring as we soon FEEL it coming.

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