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SkADaMo Day 1 - Beginning with a Treat

I decided to try my hand at "sketch of the day" again (or at least try most days). This theme was inspired yesterday but finished today. It started as a trick-or-treat kiddo trying to look a bit haunting, but kind of evolved into a sugar-overdosed treater! It reminds me of the home-made costumes that are really good ideas, but somehow are technically challenged, as this poor kid looks as if his head is too big and his shirt was too long to walk. To relate... poor Benjamin... last year his costume, the 4 ft cardboard Francesco Brunnelli (horizontal 4 feet) was a great idea and LOOKED fantastic -- but he being the 3 ft driver sandwiched between the cardboard cut-out couldn't ring the doorbells to trick-or-treat because his costume was too long. Thank goodness for big sisters! I also had to carry him up and down stairs because when he turned he would almost knock over pumpkins! And this year, his astronaut outfit was cute but the pinned helmut kept falling down. Oh well. The joy of the kids coming up with their ideas each year, and the love that has to go into making the costumes is all worth it.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween and may you all come out of your sugar comas in the next month or so!

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