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Minneapolis Hospital Neo-natal Floor Finished!

Woo-hoo! The Children's Hospital of MN Minneapolis' neo-natal floor will now have the complete 22-painting Sara Weingartner collection of the moose, duck, sheep and frog (and friends) adventures around Minnesota during the four seasons. Here are the final two pieces:

"Make a Wish" was inspired by my childhood. When I was maybe 5 (mom, help me out), we went on one of our many camping trips. The fields were covered in dandelions and picking bouquets for our mother was one of the joys on this trip. We sat in the sea of dandelion wisps and had gathered these enormous bouquets, just asking to be blown away. Mom took photos of my sister and I. These photos hung by our piano and I would sit and look at them every time I practiced. A very happy memory!

The theme of this floor is music, so moose and froggie skip merrily singing a happy tune. I am also so drawn to these particular greens and purples as of late. I chose coolish colors for the end of spring, entering summer. Soothing colors calm me.

And the last one....

I love fall. I love everything about fall -- the enormous burst color that nature throws at us. I love going to the orchard and the pumpkin patch. I love hayrides. I love dressing up warmly and then having the sunshine surprise me with its hot rays. I love the smell of hay, of dying foliage and the refreshing, sweet, crisp mornings with anticipation of warm sweaters to come. It is such a short time of the year, but a magnificent one.

"Pumpkin Patch" was an idea that seemed obvious to me and was easy to include music, as moose and sheep are naturally musical :). I particularly like how the perspective and composition turned out on this one, using the majority of the paper for the main object, and not so much background to deal with.

Expect more blogs to come.


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