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Children's Hospital Commission Done (Well, almost!)

I finished the final six paintings for the Children's Hospitals. (whoo-hoo!) This series will hang in St. Paul's Children's, 6th floor. (I started the Minneapolis painting sketches on our way to Korea when picking up our son, Benjamin... so 3-1/2 years ago! ) In total, I will have 43 paintings hanging at Minneapolis' and St. Paul's Children's Hospitals. I LOVE that my art is used for healing and smiles! The "almost done" part is in that I have a newish add-on -- one smaller piece that will go with my first series at Minneapolis Children's neo-natal unit -- due in a month. After that, "all done!"

This series' theme is Sculpture & the Sky. I decided to do my painting application a little differently. Rather than using watercolor as my under painting, I chose to keep it as a more visibie part in the painting and then enhance with acrylic. This was a very fun approach because every brush stroke needed to be thoughtfully placed (because you can't fix watercolor!) This way my line work also shows up more, and I get the happy mistakes and translucency of the w/c.

See if you can figure out "sculpture" and "they sky" in all of these. Enjoy!

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