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Bakers hard at work

Been so busy wrapping up summer that I almost forgot to post the latest paintings for the St. Paul Children's Hospital that I finished two weeks ago. These two (of eight paintings) were originally going on the "sculpture" floor, but got moved to a "music and garden" floor. I had to keep the concept and add just a few elements to make it work for the new placement. (The challenges we artists face...) It is all good. :)

So with this one, the mice are having a groovy time jamming out to music from kettle drums (literally) and sculpting goodness, decorating with the beauties of the garden. Originally had a bag of sugar behind the cake and pattern on the wall, but took those out to draw more attention to the cake and mice.

And the second one:

Here I zoomed onto the bakers hard at work. Music was already in place with the dancing chipmunk and cupcake. I chose to change the train cookie to pull a load of music and added a few flowers as decor to tie in "garden."

Anyone recognize the tile? Yes, it is from my kitchen!

I now have a little bit of a break from the Children's Hospital paintings, but am working on some other fun projects, so stay tuned!

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