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SkADaMo-Day 7

So I set out to do a quick self portrait since I need one for my new website (that I'm currently building!) and I just have to laugh at myself for what it evolved into. I started with some questions to myself, "what really represents who I am? What do I really LOVE to do?" and here is how the conversation went on in my head... "What I'd really love to do right now is drink hot cocoa!"

"Okay, Sara... this is deep! Give me something that you like to do."

"Run - don't want to draw. Paint - nah. Hmmm. What would I LOVE right now? Nothing... that's it! I would LOVE NOTHING. Just quiet, calm and warmth."

"Okay, I'll run with it." So I put me in some stripy tights and slippers and a cozy warm sweater. Tucked me in a super comfy, engulfing chair. Surrounded me with just me and my cocoa (actually now was teetering between cocoa and coffee). "Ahhhh, this is what I like, especially on a soon-to-be winter day in Minnesota!"

Then I thought, "I should maybe try to add some element of realism, so I can identify it as me. I sort-of created my hairstyle. No that doesn't do it. (I'll work on the face later.) What else?

Oh, I KNOW... so I added a little boy lurking behind the chair and TOOK AWAY the silence and serenity because this is how my self portrait is daily with my dear, dear pre-school son at home!"

Self portrait SOLVED.

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