Too Many Pies
by Lindsay Lee Johnson
2020 (Beaver's Pond Press)
The Cloud Book of Wonder
by Christina Brandt, Layla and Shay Brandt
2020 (Beaver's Pond Press)
Claire's Hair
by Mary Evanson Bleckwehl
2018 (Beaver's Pond Press)
Jake Gets a Stoma
by Kimberly LaRose
2018 (Coloplast)
Saint Paul Winter Carnival Wonders
by Mary Kris Haslund
2017 (Beaver's Pond Press)
Bastyberry Friends
by Cathy Hall Nottoli
2016 (Beaver's Pond Press)
Buffy Meets the Zoonicorns
by Mark Lubratt
2015 (Beaver's Pond Press)
Pig & Toad: Best Friends Forever
by Dayle Quigley
2012 (Beaver's Pond Press)
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